jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

How to make Pants with Dots


  • Pants (any color)
  • Fabric paint ( Single color)
  • 2 Pencils with new eraser
  • Foamy
  • A fork
  • A rule

Step by Step:

First start with the mold to separate the points because we can not let them be shallow or measuring inch by inch each time.

With the rule will draw on the foamy a rhombus of 3 inches each side, cut it and you will extent to split up each of the points as we give 4 points at once, 2 across and 2 to high.

Take your mold and pencil and make dots around the pants, these are the marks that we leave to then paint.

Pour a little fabric paint on a piece of paper or in a container.

We will make the brands with the pencil eraser, so wet just a little the eraser in the paint.

Start making the dots in the brands that had already been marked in pencil. Do not worry if you notice some not, because we have to give a second coat after the first dries.

Then repeat the process with another pencil eraser, let it dry and go!

Keep in mind that you can do the dots sizes you want, because I chose a pencil eraser because it is readily available and because it is a measure in which the points are very nice .

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