domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

DIY Jeans Bag


  • Old jeans
  • Flower printed fabric
  • 1 spool of jeans color 
  • 1 spool of fabric color
  • 1 spool of cotton color (yellow, pink, green ...) to the tote bag .
  • Steps to create your cowboy bag

Step 1
Cut the pant legs .

Step 2
Open both pant legs . You have to cut 4 rectangles , 2 for 2 for the handles and base bag . The measures are: the rectangle to the back is 9 cm ( high) x 66 cm (width) and the rectangle to the front is 9 cm ( high) x 69 cm (width ) , somewhat longer because they are curves. Fold the 4 rectangles in half and sew them inside out with blue thread. Once sewn , put them right and plánchalos .

Step 3
Cut two rectangles of the same size for the base of the bag. The width thereof must be equal to the base of the pants .

Step 4
To mark the rounded edges of the rectangles choose a round like the lid of a pot spherical object, and cut the edges.

Step 5
Sew the two rectangles with blue thread leaving the top unstitched so that it is open . To reinforce the bottom cut and sew triangles on the rounded area .

Step 6
You can decorate the handles of the bag on both sides by sewing with thread color. Another colorful option is to cut two strips of cloth to the extent of each loop and sew them on the inside .

Step 7
Create a decorative band of fabric cut two rectangles of the same size . 1 m (length) x 7 cm ( high) sew them together inside out, fold them right and iron. Sew the side in the top of the box , in front and behind , knitting fabric to fit the width of the bag .

Step 8
To make the inner lining , cut two rectangles of printed canvas bag measure . Sew them by hand inside out leaving the upper end of the bag open . Sew the lining to the bag with invisible points for that, right sewing the lining and takes a point on each side, thread sewing zig zag .

Step 9
Cut a strip of the same fabric with which you made the decorative band and the lower liner bag . Lock it to one of the handles on the front by looping . It will give you a flirty touch to your cowboy bag!

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